With FANTOM cooperating with world famous consulting groups & universities such as KAIST in South Korea &
Nagoya Engineering College in Japan, the R&D team continues to try creating the highest quality golf ball.

해외컨설팅 그룹 : 특허, 볼 및 소재 개발, 생산공정 개발. 외부기간 협업 : POSTECH, KAIST, 나고야 공대. 팬텀 인재그룹 : 개발 1파트, 개발 2파트 해외컨설팅 그룹 : 특허, 볼 및 소재 개발, 생산공정 개발. 외부기간 협업 : POSTECH, KAIST, 나고야 공대. 팬텀 인재그룹 : 개발 1파트, 개발 2파트


FANTOM currently possesses a total of 6 patents in Korea & 8 patents in the US that regards manufacturing
methods of dimple patterns and their construction, making rubber golf balls & constructions of coating
methods on a golf ball as well.

  • ● KOREA
    한국 : 특허 등록번호, 내용 테이블
    Application No. Content
    572373 Thermochromic golf ball
    572369 Photoluminescent golf ball
    941494 Golf ball comprising silvernano particles
    956805 Golf ball comprising Zinc oxide
    932980 Golf ball having a property of thermal insulation
    10-15210210000 Golf ball & Manufacturing method
  • ● U.S.A
    미국 : 특허 등록번호, 내용 테이블
    Application No Content
    10/279321 Ball finishing Process
    10/953298 Ball finishing Apparatus
    YinYang Dimple Pattern
    10/839397 Photochromic golf ball
    10/838387 Thermochromic golf ball
    10/838386 Photoluminescent golf ball
    D/348994 320 Dimple Design


Main R&D Content

  • 1. Dimple Design / Flight Performance
    • A. Dimple Design (Inventer / Pro-E CAD program) / Cavity prototyping / Prototyping

      - Self developed Various performance Dimple : Co-Working with Global Expert Agency.

    • B. 3D Scanner : measure the dimple dimension of Cavity & Golf Ball Surface

      - Compare Design Data vs. Actual product.

    • C. Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation(ITR : Indoor Testing Range)

      - Indoor Flight performance analysis system : Real flight + Simulation.
      - Classified Flight performance analysis by Dimple / Can be used to data for Dimple Modify.
      - Measure the CD(Coefficient of Drag), CL(Coefficient of Lift), Reynolds Number, backspin and Trajectory.

    • D. Robot Tester – Outdoor Performance Testing

      - Trackman Flight performance measuring equipment : Measure Head Speed, Ball Speed,
      Launch Angle, Spin Rate, flight trajectory, driving distance, flight time and so on.
      - Robot tester : Various condition which are Head Speed / Spin Rate / Launch Angle, test available. Progress test in 350 yards DrivingRange.

  • 2. Rubber / Cover Material, Coating 
    • A. Rubber Cover Material
      1. Butadiene Rubber, High Restitution Additives
      2. Various Ionomer Cover material development
      3. TPU, Elastomer, material development, Environmentally  Friendly material Development
      4. Special TPU Cover material development
    • B. Coating / Cosmetic
      1. Paint and diverse functional material development
      2. Insulation & Adiabatic material development
      3. Surface treatment material development