• 01. Send in an Inquiry
    Send inquiries
    by phone or email
  • 02. Confirming the order & logo
    Confirming type of product,
    price, quantity, lead time
    and other matters.
  • 03. Manufacturing
    the ordered product &
    ordering packages
    After remit is confirmed,
    ordered golf balls proceed to
    production while
    package designs can be
    negotiated/manufactured as well
  • 04. Delivery
    After production is finished,
    ship-out is made
    and delivery starts


Person in Charge for each region

Korea, SE Asia, China
YJ Won / yjwon@creas.co.kr /
Meilan Li / lanli@creas.co.kr /
CS Kim / cskim@creas.co.kr /


Guide in making a OEM golf ball

FANTOM currently creates various OEM golf balls for major brands in the US, Europe & Japan regions.
Not just designs, colors & materials are carefully planned to meet the needs for each unique brand but with FANTOM’s R&D technology,
high quality products are made for each unique brand & customer.

OEM golf balls can be discussed by the PICs of each regions.
If consultations are needed, please send in your inquiry & questions to the designated personnel for each region.

Guide for promotional golf balls

  • 01. Logo colors: Up to 3 colors are available
  • 02. Minimum Ordering Quantity: 100 dozens or 1,200 balls
  • 03. Packaging – Packaged by the dozen (12 balls per pack) or by a half dozen (6 balls per pack)
  • 04. Lead-Time – Around 15 days after samples are confirmed
  • 05. Type of files needed for logo designs
    should be an .AI File
    should be mentioned by their Pantone Color Code C
    Max size of a circled logo should be Width: 20mm & Length: 20mm
    Max size for a rectangular logo should be Width: 24mm & Length: 20mm
    4 locations of the golf ball are possible. (Front/ Back/ Left/ Right) Locations should be explained before production
    골프공 골프공

Guide to make range balls

Range balls are produced by using the most adequate design for practice ranges, which is FANTOM’s 432 dimple designs.
Distance-limited golf balls can be made by request for small-sized golf ranges as well.

By using a double coating process, range balls are more durable than normal golf balls and are coated to reduce discolorations since
range balls tend to stay outdoors for a longer time than normal golf balls. FANTOM’s know-how that has been
accumulated for more than 40 years has FANTOM’s range balls to show excellent distances and a soft touch to it.

Questions and inquiries for range balls, please send them in to the designated personnel by their regions.